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Red Flags

Watermelon Bathtub


Categories: Theater, Circus

Dates: September 9, 2023

Run Time: 60 mins

Venue: Circus Campus


“Red Flags” will explore the dynamics of power in relationships. People will tell their experiences of a time when they were in a toxic situation and then perform their ultimate circus revenge act. The show will be a combination of drama and comedy, with audience participation encouraged. Our shows will also include themes of access to make the experience welcome to a wider audience.

Join the vibrant community at Circus Campus! We foster a tight-knit group of creators showcasing incredible skills. We invite you to experience the excitement at our workshops & shows. Circus Campus is an educational headquarters & home to unique talent. Be a part of this extraordinary community!

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About the Artist

Watermelon Bathtub Theater Company is based in Philadelphia and was founded by two circus artists, Melissa Mellon and Sarah Tuberty. Using spin off of their last names embodying the curiosity and redefinition of terms that their work creates.


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