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Ronnie, The Musical


Categories: Music, Theater, Storytelling

Dates: September 8, 2022 - September 10, 2022

Run Time: 55 mins,60 mins

Venue: Swarthmore United Methodist Church


Ronnie is a snail. In this one act musical, Ronnie lives in a shower drain, and one day, climbs out into the bathtub. In this new world, he discovers a life full of light, soap, cucumbers, and water falling from the sky. And you’re in luck, because he’s taking you along for the journey. Come see life thorugh the eyes of a snail inside a bathtub. 

10th Floor Productions

This production written by Juana Parral and Larry Barnes and presented by 10th Floor Productions. All are Philadelphia based artists.

Juana Parral (UArts 2021) is a writer and who bases most of her work in magical realism, and in her work, tries to ask questions that confront her audiences with the world and themselves.

Larry Barnes (Uarts, 2019) is a designer and musician exploring different mediums and instruments to create dynamic and immersive experiences.


Ronnie - Kaitlyn Zion 

Director - Kel Fleming

Stage Manager - Will Vence Jr

Playwright - Juana Parral

Composer - Larry Barnes

Designers - Colin Sass, Dalton Whiting

Graphic Design- GarboLoad


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