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shared spaces / distant voices


Categories: Dance, Film

Dates: September 6, 2021 - October 3, 2021

Run Time: 55 mins

Venue: THE INTERNET (Digital Shows)


“Now and Not Yet” by Whitney Casal –
It was a constant rearranging:
Of her thoughts,
Her expectations,
Her furniture…
And none of the configurations made sense,
But at least they made space.

“Transition” by Sofi Seta –
“Transition” proposes to reach the world of dreams and nightmares as a representation of contradictions, fears and struggles as human species. In this dream universe, what happens when I can listen, but I can’t move? or talk? What happens in the body when I sleep and wake up in another dimension? That transition that leaves us thinking and how dreams act being a source of subconscious information, powerful and even terrifying.

“June” by Anna Rose –
June is a solo work which explores female lineage and the societally prescribed role of women in the home and within the family structure. Delving into the personal stories and lives of my own mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, I engage with the physically and vocally embodied concepts of passed-down ancestral trauma, and internalized sexism. Shifts in music and costume bring the viewer back to different eras in a non-linear fashion, like memories surfacing from a multi-generational female past. June is a month, a woman, a dance, a story. June is for all of the women who have been silenced, erased, confined to a life they did not choose or want.

“Act Natural” by Britt Davis –
I present you with a quarter-life synopsis, which is as clear as an oxymoron – opposite ends of the linguistic spectrum joining together in a nonsensical, sense-making statement. It’s a serious boss-lady infused with comic-relief. It’s liberation with a side of leftover fear. It’s over-dramatic, yet in its own right. It’s flirtatious blended with brutal sarcasm. It’s sexy mixed with the comedic greatness of Lucille Ball. It’s a statement of a 20-something female-identifying international person of the 2020’s trying to find some frickin’ balance.

OhOK Performance Group

OhOK Performance Group was created in 2019 by American, Berlin-based dance artists, Whitney Casal and Britt Davis. These two friends and collaborators began moving together in 2011, while studying Dance at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. In their creative endeavors together, Britt and Whit engage in a three-pronged approach through creation, performance, and teaching. Their choreographic works explore intricate and purposeful physical partnering, blending in themes of relationality.

The aim of OhOK Performance Group is to propose a platform for creating interdisciplinary performance works, collaborating with artists and institutions locally and abroad. With dance as the basis for their creations, these women are open to exploring possibilities with musicians, visual artists, videographers, and other artists alike. The name itself was inspired to encapsulate any artistic collaborators that engage in their processes.


Curated by OhOK Performance Group (Whitney Casal & Britt Davis), Venue at Theater Expedition Metropolis, Filmed by Britt Davis and Whitney Casal, Video Editing by Britt Davis, Choreography and Performance by Whitney Casal, Britt Davis, Anna Rose, Sofi Seta.

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