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Jeff Evans


Categories: Theater, Comedy & Improv, Immersive/Interactive Experience

Dates: September 6, 2023 - September 21, 2023

Run Time: 50 mins

Venue: MAAS Building Studio


Why are we so brilliant in the bathroom? Sitting alone with our thoughts and our bodies, reaping consequences of the choices we made with our mouths and appetites, we are at our most human. The bathroom is a unifier between body and mind that allows us to think of things that we wouldn’t otherwise. It’s a place you can talk to yourself, have a breakthrough, re-compose yourself. It’s a place you can excuse yourself to when that date isn’t as fun as you thought it’d be. It’s a place you can hide when your first school dance knocks you into panic mode. It’s a haven. It’s a studio.

But it’s so icky.

This solo clown mess examines our disgust and interrogates the relationship between disgust and creativity, between the heatlth of our ideas and the health of our guts. How does life pass through us? How do we pass through it? Contents also include acoustic music loops of songs from 2012, found-footage audio of your old room-mates, and microbes seeking love.

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About the Artist

Jeff Evans (he/him) is a Seattle-born, Philadelphia-based theatre artist. He graduated from the Pig Iron School in 2018, and began an enjoyable career (or as his uncle says, "hobby") that he hopes to continue enjoying. You may have seen him as the Democratic Senator from West Virginia, Joe Manchin (that bastard) in Nick Jonczak's accidental-musical Man of La Manchin, or you may have helped him trawl through decades of old diaries in the interactive cottage-classic Artifacts of No Consequence. See more of him this year in Paige Phillips' Tale of the Slaughtered Hog, where there really is a hog! Like many artists, he also works as a Standardized Patient for various medical schools, where you might have seen him portray Chest Pain or Major Depressive Episode. He craves both your attention and his family's approval, but he'll take it the other way around if it comes to it.


  • Jeff Evanscreator/performer
  • Bayla Rubinnon-performing collaborator

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