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Social Media Circus


Categories: Circus, Comedy & Improv

Dates: September 23, 2022

Run Time: 45 mins

Venue: Circus Campus


If you spend an hour or more scrolling on the For You Page before bed, this show is for you. If social media has reduced your attention span down to an embarrassingly small window and listening to an entire 3 minute song feels like a long commitment, this show is for you. If your ADHD has only gotten worse In the pandemic and you need entertainment that changes drastically every 30 to 60 seconds, this show is for you.

David Darwin: One Man Sideshow

David Darwin invites you to step inside a world of his own creation, a place where the chains of technology can be broken by the spectacle of inspired live performance. He has evolved past sideshow into a new age of vaudeville - the one man guaranteed to astound audiences of all ages! David is a child of the world, but Philadelphia natives can feast on his remarkable performances in their natural habitat: at a local library, theater, or bar. He has explored far and wide in his quest for the unusual, performing in venues across the land, and some of you may recognize his unique spark from NBC’s, “America’s Got Talent”.  Each of David's performances is specifically adapted to captivate the audience at hand. From death-defying stunts to clean comedy and juggling, David Darwin does it all. He is the juggling contortionist who can astound you with song, skill and captivating surprises. He is no stranger to the bizarre, and brings you an unparalleled mastery of sword swallowing, glass walking, and fire manipulation. David will share his 16 years of experience and astonishing command of his craft to delight your audience. He is the natural selection for your needs--entertainment evolved!‚Äč 


David Darwin: creator, principal, legend.  The internet also helped, so I have to give credit to that.


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