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spiegel spiegel

Madeline Shuron


Categories: Theater, Dance

Dates: September 3, 2023 - September 15, 2023

Run Time: 50 mins

Venue: Fidget Space


A performative approach to doubles, doppelgängers, and doubting, spiegel spiegel gives a postmodern voice to the alienation of the self. Using repetition, performers and collaborators Mia Allison, Liz Burke, Yuying Chen, Aubrey Donisch, Venrick James, Melanie Smith, and Nadia Ureña weave in and out of entrancement and lucidity through text and movement alike in time with the live accompaniment of Susanna Payne-Passmore.

spiegel spiegel asks: what does it mean for the self to be doubled? What does it mean for you when, ultimately, you’re a refraction of another? Through mirrors and held gazes, we attempt to juxtapose the real with the imaginary; the tactile with the wished-for.


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About the Artist

Madeline Shuron (they/she) studied theater at Bryn Mawr College and is an MFA candidate and lecturer in dance at Temple University. As an artist and educator based in Philadelphia, she is interested in investigating embodied affect and interrogating the audience-performer relationship through an interdisciplinary approach of dance, theater, film, puppetry, and clowning. Their scholarship blends film, literature, educational pedagogy practices, and performance studies into a delicious mix of joy and play. Madeline’s work (both artistically and scholarly) has been witnessed at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Temple University, the Lawrence Art Center (KS), Movement Research (NYC), and Post45, and she has given lecture-demonstrations at University of North Carolina at Asheville as well as Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


  • Madeline ShuronChoreographer
  • Aubrey DonischPerformer
  • Liz BurkePerformer
  • Mia AllisonPerformer
  • Nadia UreƱaPerformer
  • Venrick JamesPerformer
  • Melanie SmithPerformer
  • Yuying ChenPerformer
  • Susanna Payne-PassmoreComposer

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