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The Artist’s Debt

Tyler Palma/Forgotten Lore Theatre


Categories: Visual Art

Dates: September 14, 2023

Run Time: 150 mins

Venue: The Fallser Club


Performance drives creativity, drives community, drives performance, drives community, drives creativity. Early in his career, performer and visual artist Tyler Palma discovered just how interconnected the artistic community that springs up around theatrical events can be. Meditating upon the universal synchronicity of artistic expression inspired Tyler to further explore what it means to form an artistic community.

How does the community form, especially when myriad artists have a vast array of specialties and skills? What holds the community together? How does the digital world impact artistic communities? How do artists negotiate the spaces between inspiration and imitation, between encouragement and competitiveness? When does an artist need to leave a safe community in order to grow and form a new community?

This gallery show is both a testament to and love letter for those experiences and people who have inspired Tyler, as well as an exploration of what it means to add one’s own vision into larger collaborations. A multimedia tour of creative expressions, this show reflects on the importance of interconnectedness in the artistic community.

Join us on Thursday, September 14th for a cocktail reception and the grand opening of the exhibit when you can meet the artist! Tyler’s work will remain on display and open to the public at the Fallser Club on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 6:30-7:30pm!


About the Artist

Founded in 2015, Forgotten Lore Theatre is a Philadelphia-area performance company with a particular emphasis on immersive storytelling that produces devised works and original plays by area playwrights. We believe art is created in the numinous space between artist and audience. Through innovative and experimental performances, we foster unique theatrical experiences for each audience member in an effort to keep the communal art of storytelling alive. Previous Fringe Festival entries:

  • Dissever My Soul (2015)

  • Ashes of a Dead Philosophy (2016)

  • Every Day, Apocalypse! by R.A. Reutter (2017)

  • The Clinic by Rebecca Gomezrueda (2019)

  • Illimitable Dominion (2020)

  • Lovers and Madmen: Visions of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (2021)

  • Rising from a Thousand Thrones (2022)


  • Tyler PalmaArtist/Creator

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