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The Bad Pirate Rock Show

Jonah Godfrey and Friends


Categories: Theater, Music, Art for Young Audiences (Kids Fringe), Storytelling

Dates: September 23, 2023 - September 30, 2023

Run Time: 60 mins

Venue: Play Arts Pop Up at the Piazza, Liberty Lands


This is a pirate-y show about pirates! Specifically, one young pirate who realizes they want to pirate in their own pirate-y way. And so, they embark on their very own pirate adventure, filled with sea monsters, lost treasures, unbelievable tales, ludicrous hats, and pirate-y rock music. There will be people trying to love each other and just taking some time to learn how. It will be joyful and heartbreaking and uplifting and wonderfully stupid, all the while asking: what does it take to be a good (bad) pirate? Oh…and did we mention pirates?

Cannonball, produced by Almanac Dance Circus Theatre, is the first and largest independent festival hub of the Philadelphia Fringe that presents risk-taking independent artists in back-to-back performances next to delicious lounge spaces, fostering creative collisions and community conversation.

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About the Artist

Jonah Godfrey (he/him) is a theater artist, musician, and teacher based in Philadelphia. He has worked as a director, actor, music director, and sound designer in numerous productions in professional, community, and educational settings. He has deep passions for new work, community building through the arts, and unlocking childlike wonder, joy and play. Hailing from western Massachusetts, he is currectly completing his graduate theater studies at Pig Iron in Philadelphia. 



  • Jonah GodfreyCreator/Performer
  • Theo GabrielCreator/Producer

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