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The Consciousness


Categories: Theater

Dates: September 6, 2021 - October 3, 2021

Run Time: 60 mins

Venue: THE INTERNET (Digital Shows)


What does it mean for art if an artist’s consciousness carries on after death? In “The Consciousness,” Reece – a struggling music composition student – tries to extract and then plagiarize a symphony from the digitized consciousness of Theo Price, a dead and (mostly) forgotten composer. But the composer’s creative prowess has not thrived in the afterlife, forcing Reece to reconstruct Theo’s memories.

Nique Content

Nique Content is a theatrical production company based in Orlando, Florida that focuses on new works for today's emerging artists.


Manuel Solis-Bauza as REECE, Katie Thayer as ERIE, Casey Casteel as THEO, Arius West as ELIS, Written by Bethany Dickens Assaf, Directed by Charis Watler, Stage Managed by Meghan Pratt, Produced by Ayal Wolf

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