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The Great Philadelphia Comedy Magic Walk

Robert Malissa


Categories: Theater, Comedy & Improv, Immersive/Interactive Experience

Dates: September 21, 2023

Run Time: 75 mins

Venue: The Great Philadelphia Comedy Magic Walk


The Great Philly What?

Presenting, the most unique walk you will ever take through Old City Philadelphia.  Award winning magician, Robert Malissa, leads you on a walking tour to historic and offbeat locations, each of which is the basis for a comedic and mind-bending magical performance.

 In the program are:

​Les Mis, The Musical Card Trick,

Spirit Writing at Little Boys Court

The Trust Leap of Death (more exciting than a “Trust Fall”)… and much, much more. 


You will never see Philadelphia the same way again!

(Appropriate for ages 13 and up)


There are only 3 magic walking tours in the world.  Inspired by the original concept which started in Bath England, native magician Rob Malissa decided Philly needed it’s own version.  After two years of development, original tricks and/or presentations were created each inspired by the various locations visited on the tour.  The result is a walk you’ll remember.

About the Artist

Robert Malissa is an award-winning, incredibly funny, laugh provoking, out-of-this-world comedy magician with low self-esteem (who writes his own bios). He has a very warm style with the goal of sharing the joy inherent in a moment of magic. Rob encourages participation and ensures that his volunteers have a great time. He is the winner of the Philadelphia Houdini Award, and a recipient of both stage and close-up magic awards from the Society of American Magicians.


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