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the in-between


Categories: Dance, Interdisciplinary, Visual Art

Dates: September 10, 2021 - October 3, 2021

Run Time: 180 mins

Venue: Vine Street Gallery


A durational dance art installation that explores naming the present, imaginary, and real in all its complexity. A ritual for right now, as we re-learn to congregate in spaces together. What is going on within and in-between us? All is allowed in the performer’s improvisational score: grief, joy, curiosity, shyness, confusion, lostness, peace, stillness, escape. You are allowed to think and feel all you need to, too. You can stay as long as you’d like in the in-between.

The installation reflects a central spiral structure, a storm, and sounds of the ocean and bells fill the gallery space, tucking you away from the world of Old City and FringeArts nearby to someplace deep in the chest, in the belly. Mark Kennedy, the performer, channels the present moment and names what he feels, sees, and imagines, in-between you.

mark kennedy

Bullet points:

> I'm a Canadian-born artist living in Philadelphia on & off for 12 years.

> Graduate of the Pig Iron MFA in Devised Performance (2019).

> Wandering polyglot, with a background in improvisational dance-theater, visual art installation, and clown.

> A teaching artist that facilitates corporate and artistic workshops & events and experiential tours.

> Past self-produced Fringe shows: "Arethusa Speaks" (2014), "Othello, Desdemona, & Iago Walk Into a Bar" (2013), "Checkers" 2011). Directing the dance piece "The Case for Invagination #3" by Nicole Bindler at the Cannonball Festival as well this Fringe.

> Curious about game mechanics, the notion of a restorative masculinity, allowing space for grief & play at the same time, and trickster figures.

> Obsessed with birds.


Creator/Performer: Mark Kennedy

Producer: Joanne Holmes


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