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CANCELED: The Mx America Pageant!

Alterra Productions


Categories: Circus, Cabaret & Nightlife

Dates: September 8, 2023 - September 9, 2023

Run Time: 135 mins

Venue: The Cubeā„¢


This show has been canceled.

Alterra Productions presents MX AMERICA: A Variety Show with a Beauty Pageant Twist! “Mx,” the gender non-conforming title used in lieu of Miss or Mister, is presented here as the gender neutral winning title in this all-gender inclusive talent competition and fundraiser. Just as beauty has many definitions and connotations, MX AMERICA welcomes contestants of all gender identities to display their hearts and intellects in a talent showcase, under the parodic guise of a beauty contest.

With MX AMERICA, Alterra Productions seeks to provide a welcoming reception of inspiring and talented artists. Along with exhibiting talents (such as acrobatics, burlesque, dance, music, and more!), each contestant of MX AMERICA is provided an opportunity to further illustrate the personal significance of their art in our world today. Along with Alterra’s pursuit to create topical and entertaining art (here poking fun at gender constructs, American nationalism, and beauty stereotypes) MX AMERICA strives to shine light on, and celebrate all that our true selves encompass.

MX AMERICA asks its contestants what “beauty” means to them, and how their experiences in the U.S. inform and enlighten their artistic expressions. A host guides the promenade of contestants throughout the two-night event in displays of their interpretations of “Formal Wear” and “Swimwear”, as well as talent performances. Each contestant is received and critiqued by a Judges Panel which, along with audience reaction, determines the top placements at the conclusion of Night One and who takes the crown on Night Two!

Along with the title of “MX AMERICA 2023”, the winner of the pageant receives the honor of presenting “a huge check” to an organization serving the LGBTQIA+ community. In this philanthropic spirit, audiences can also participa

About the Artist

At Alterra Productions, we are a vibrant community of artists, storytellers, and creatives who come together to create unforgettable experiences. Our work is inspired by a love of movement and a passion for telling stories, blending circus, dance, and aerial arts with traditional and modern theatrical techniques to create immersive, interactive productions that transport our audiences to other worlds.

We pride ourselves on creating work that is both thought-provoking and entertaining, challenging our audiences to engage with complex themes while also inspiring joy and wonder. Our shows are not just passive experiences, but active engagements that invite our guests to participate in the creative process and even help shape the outcome.

Alterra Productions is headed by femme powerhouses Kaitlin Chin, Kat Stroot, and Jasmine Glover.



  • Alterra Productions
  • Kaitlin ChinExecutive Producer
  • Will RaynorWriter
  • Kat Stroot
  • Will RaynorDirectors
  • Jasmine GloverStage Manager
  • Cadence YuAssistant Stage Manager

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