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The Pecking Order

Paper Doll Ensemble


Categories: Theater, Storytelling

Dates: September 21, 2023 - September 30, 2023

Run Time: 60 mins

Venue: Plays & Players Skinner Studio


The Pecking Order is a live performance event born out of grief and disbelief after the 2022 decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, and inspired by the wife and daughters of the supreme court judge who penned the original opinion, Justice Harry Blackmun. This 70s-inspired tragicomedy highlights the absurdity of women’s rights being thrust back in time in typically unpredictable Paper Dolls fashion, and asks provocative questions about unplanned pregnancy, family dynamics, and women’s rights.

About the Artist

Paper Doll Ensemble creates devised absurdist tragicomedies that redefine traditional stories of feminine experiences.


  • Sara VanasseOutside Eye/Creator
  • Grayce CarsonPerformer/Creator
  • Marcia FergusonPerformer/Creator
  • Simha ToledanoPerformer/Creator
  • Chad HaddadStage Manager
  • Amanda JensenDesigner/Creator
  • Eliza CarsonPerformer

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