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The Sculpture Gallery


Categories: Circus, Visual Art, Immersive

Dates: September 10, 2021 - September 26, 2021

Run Time: 40 mins

Venue: Circus Campus


The Scultpure Gallery is ready to exhibit in the sanctuary of the beautiful Circus Campus in Germantown. The show begins while you’re waiting to enter the grand hall of larger than life structures.

Meet with the curator: your benevolent, charismatic guide. She’ll help you figure out who gets to be included within the artwork and tailor the show for your ideal experience.  Every show will be alittle different based on the audiences choices.

You may be expecting traditional sculpture: static & unchanging, but once inside the exhibit these notions will be pushed and pulled. The sculptor and his apprentice have created a world of wonderful contraptions that everyone can tinker and play with.

The work blends the stoicism of construction with the impulse of human nature. The Sculpture Gallery reimagines the possibilities for contemporary art through tactile exploration by both artist and audience.

Come be a part of the exhibit. Help make the art you want to see in the world.

Innovative Juggler

The cast consists of three major players: Greg Kennedy, the founder; Zak McAllister, the prodigal student; and Brynna Raine, basically everything else. Innovative Juggler is a group of artists dedicated to creating kinetic sculptures that exemplify astounding human feats. Don’t let the word “Juggler” deceive you, this company is not known for throwing and catching balls; their objects travel in much more complicated ways through space and time.

Founded by Greg Kennedy, former engineer & Cirque du Soleil featured artist has been developing original forms of manipulation for over 25 years.

Zak is an award winning juggler who uses clever playfulness in unorthodox use of everyday objects.

Brynna is an all around creative, establishing structure to the team and grounding them to performance instead of just math and physics.

The group calls Circus Campus in Germantown home, the incubator for their larger than life creations. And they're excited to bring this gallery to life.


Curator, Brynna Raine: The Sculptor, Greg Kennedy: The Apperntice, Zak McAllister


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