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The Secretaries


Categories: Theater

Dates: September 17, 2021 - October 3, 2021

Run Time: 105 mins

Venue: Allens Lane Art Center


The year is 1994, and the small town of Big Bone, Oregon, much like David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, is filled with secrets. Every month a lumberjack disappears, and some say they’ve all been killed by a cult of murderous secretaries. Patty Johnson is the new girl at the Cooney Lumber Mill, and she quickly finds herself in the midst of a mystery. The Secretaries is a darkly hilarious satire of the cultural expectations forced upon women that is as sharp as a bloody chainsaw blade.

Performances will held outdoors, under the stars, at Allens Lane Art Center. BYOB encouraged, Table Seating, and Bring Your Own Lawn Seating. Don’t miss this unique outdoor performance!

Allens Lane Theater

For over 65 years, Allens Lane Theater has produced purposeful, challenging, and unique theater experiences centered around contemporary human issues which reflect the diversity and complexity of our community. It's hard to believe but in our entire history of theater productions, we've never repeated a play. Our lineup presents the best in contemporary theater in a unique cabaret atmosphere. An intimate space guarantees that no one is far from the stage. Our patrons enjoy an extended time in the theater prior to each performance to enjoy the company of their neighbors and fellow theater patrons while they enjoy picnic dinners and BYOB. In 2021 as we resume live performances, we will be performing outdoors for our first show of the season in September!


Directed by Josh Hitchens

Andrea Rose Cardoni, Sarah Heddins, Amber Orion, Parker Sera, Faith Sullivan


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