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The Stank Upon A Time: A Story About Funk

Urban Movement Arts & Philly Kerplop


Categories: Dance, Music, Immersive/Interactive Experience

Dates: September 16, 2023 - September 23, 2023

Run Time: 90 mins

Venue: Urban Movement Arts


Urban Movement Arts and Philly Kerplop present “The Stank Upon A Time: A Story About Funk.” This show is a wonky and very unorthodox lecture demonstration on funk music and its related dances. You won’t be told what you want nor what you are expecting to hear about Funk. Prose that spans between paying homage to James Brown to no holds barred commentary on politics and identity are the backdrop to music that oscillates between tight grooves, breakbeats, moments reminiscent of Bad Brains and straight noise. No matter what, the dancers are getting busy and keeping it ill. At UMA events, our guests are always welcomed with complimentary food and drink. So when it gets abrasive, you’ll at least have something tasty to keep you comfy.

Urban Movement Arts has a series of performances and events taking place in September, ranging from music and dance shows to parties. We call it UMA’s “Off Fringe Festival.” UMA is home to a robust community of artists. This Fringe season, UMA is putting on events the UMA way. Go to to learn more about Off Fringe opportunities at Urban Movement Arts. At you’ll also get a deeper look into the Stank Upon A Time.

See y’all at the Stank and for all the OfF Fringe good times at UMA.

About the Artist

Urban Movement Arts (UMA) is a school and advocacy center for dancers of all levels and multi-generations. The school primarily promotes contemporary Black American vernacular dance, however, various movement forms are represented and practiced at UMA. UMA is dedicated to supporting the growth and enjoyment of individuals and various communities through the practice of dance. 

Philly Kerplop is an interdisciplinary performance troupe started by UMA's founder, Vince Johnson. Live dance and music are central to all Keplop events. Philly Kerplop is where virtuosity in dance and musicianship brush up against absurdist and irreverent tendencies.  Occasionally, Kerplop arises as the antithesis of Johnson's UMA project. Nevertheless, the two typically operate in tandem. 

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