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Time as a Symptom


Dates: September 8, 2022 - September 10, 2022

Run Time: 30 mins

Venue: Philly Improv Theater


A subway station is a rich place for growing connections, believe it or not. If that subway station becomes metaphysical, there’s no stopping two strangers from getting to know each other and maybe, just maybe, falling in love. Time as a Symptom shows us how that can be true.

Two strangers meet in The Below—a place neither here nor there, very liminal, very hazy. They talk for a while and they learn about each other. And then eventually they part ways, as they must.

We are living through our re-education of how to be human beings together: how to share space, how to care, how to talk, how to connect. It seems incredibly difficult after years of isolating. Somehow, though, we must. Maybe all we need is a space outside of reality, outside of time. Maybe we need to focus on the microscopic connections, the small moments, and hold them near.

The Bean-Jam Project

Led by Steven Gross (he/they), this is a small scrappy group of artists who decided to come together to make a small show about connection happen. We strive to use theater to bring hope and joy and create community. Our work is grounded in the imagination of what could be, informed by the state of what is, and grounded in the lessons of what has been. The Bean-Jam Project invites you to journey into the unpredictable spaces of the unknown and the potential.



Satchel Williams as Bean, River von Waldron as Jam


Director: Steven Gross, Playwright: Max Gallagher, Stage Manager: Gauri Mangala, Lighting Designer: Ezekiel Baskin


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