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Truth In Time

Heather Sirisky


Categories: Dance

Dates: September 15, 2023 - September 16, 2023

Run Time: 45 mins

Venue: Equilibrium Dance Academy


Truth In Time is a devised movement piece that explores the child’s perspective of the world and how that perspective changes over time. As a child, the people closest to you ensure that your outlook on life is nothing short of wonderful. As you grow older, bits and pieces of the truth about the world begin to reveal themselves to you. The music selections you will hear reflect the choreographer’s, Heather Sirisky’s, personal experiences from a young age to an adult at the age of 23. The movers experience the tug of war between embracing the chaos and returning to the child inside of them. Join them in reminiscing through the revelations.  

About the Artist

Heather Sirisky is a graduate from Rowan University's College of Performing Arts and College of Education. She recieved her Undergraduate degree in Theatre with a minor in Dance in 2022, as well as her Master of Science in Teaching Theatre degree in 2023. Heather was an active member of Rowan University's contemporary dance company, Dance Extensions, along with nearly all of the cast members of Truth In Time. The bonds that were created in this university dance company have allowed these performers to collaborate and create outside of an educational setting. Truth In Time will be Heather Sirisky's and the cast's Philadelphia Fringe Festival debut. 


  • Heather Sirisky Creator
  • Choreographer
  • Mover
  • Caitlin Alvarez Composer
  • Singer
  • Alex Dossantos Lighting Designer
  • Tyler Benson Mover
  • Heather Desanto Mover
  • Justine Griggs Mover
  • Abby Lamb Mover
  • Tara Tucci Mover
  • Gian Dante Verderose Mover
  • Gregory Williams Mover
  • Emily Lamb Show Image Designer

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