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#txtshow (on the internet)


Categories: Comedy & Improv, Theater, Immersive

Dates: September 9, 2021 - September 27, 2021

Run Time: 60 mins

Venue: THE INTERNET (Digital Shows)


Nearing the end of a 12-country, 35-city, 175-show virtual world tour (during a global pandemic), performance artist Brian Feldman (Dishwasher, VFFWawa® Shabbawa) brings his critically acclaimed, award-winning project back to the Philadephia Fringe Festival for “An experience unlike anything in live theater.” – DC Metro Theater Arts

This crowdsourced, immersive, multiscreen performance features a mysterious character named txt (pronounced “text”) who recites a script written anonymously in real-time by YOU! It’s the best show you’ll write all year.

Created and performed by Brian Feldman, this LIVE*, interactive performance takes place on Zoom, originating from his home in Washington, Douglass Commonwealth.

This project was supported by the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities.

“In the year of virtual Fringe, I was hoping for at least one show that fully embraced the digital medium. I got my wish with #txtshow.”
– Asheville Stages

“With #txtshow, Feldman has succeeded at creating something that tests the limits of theater as a form and plays with the boundaries of the performer-spectator relationship.”
– <a href=”

Brian Feldman Projects

Brian Feldman is an award-winning performance artist and actor. He lives in Washington, Douglass Commonwealth where, as the news website DCist noted, “In a city that has an advocacy group exploring how to ‘make D.C. weird’ – and is still struggling – Brian Feldman is a shining beacon of eccentricity.” His work has been featured on television, radio, in print, and online, earning critical comparisons to the likes of Marina Abramović, David Blaine, John Cage, Christo, Marcel Duchamp, Tehching Hsieh, and Andy Kaufman. Since August 2003, he has presented 400+ performances of 130+ projects at 175+ venues and festivals in cities worldwide via Brian Feldman Projects, one of the world’s premier presenters of experimental time-based art.


Concept/Performer: Brian Feldman, Playwright: The Audience


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