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Unorthodox Methods of Cosmic Flight


Categories: Interdisciplinary, Theater, Visual Art

Dates: September 9, 2021 - September 13, 2021

Run Time: 45 mins

Venue: 5213 Grays Ave


What is escapism? What is home? How do you build a slingshot big enough to shoot yourself into the cosmos? Theatre meets visual installation meets gallery in this devised production, inspired by visual artist Ilya Kabakov’s work, “The Man Who Flew Into Space from his Own Apartment.” A comical journey of begrudging allies and a few irreverently handled Big Questions, this show guarantees a little bit of paint and no helpful answers.


two scientists in a chop shop workshop find themselves inspired, like many scientists, by the scrawling someone certifiably mad. when said writers makes a fateful appearance into their lives, all three find themselves in a silent hypocritical waltz. a poetic imagining of scientific marvel; how far we’ll go to go up, and how violently we crash on reentry.

Anastassia Vertjanova

Anastassia Vertjanova (Director, She/her) prides herself on being a constructivist-inspired director and multi-media artist with emphasis on refined impulse, immersion, and the human need for catharsis. Working in the Philly theatrical scene as a technician and scenic artist allow her to more strongly engage in physical and design-based storytelling. Queen of mess-making, she strives to balance manufactured magic with chaotic spontaneity.

Past directing includes We're Here Because You Are, The Illustrated Woman, Zachary Hates Everything... , and In Full Bloom. In addition to self producing, her work has been seen in various Philadelphia local festivals such as the Fringe Festival (2019), the Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival, and the Rabbit Punch Festival. She graduated from the University of the Arts with honors and studied at the Moscow Art Theatre through a partnership with the National Theatre Institute. Visit her online at


Director: Anastassia Vertjanova, Poet/Dramaturg: Amir Gad, Production Manager: Bless Rudisill, Set Designer: Annemarie Branco, Lighting Designer: Larry Barnes, Costume/Props Designer: Cole Supsic, Cosmonaut: Mae Waldron, Cosmonaut: Noah Sturtridge, Cosmonaut: Katie Loftus



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