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We Are More Than We Know


Categories: Film, Literary, Visual Art

Dates: September 15, 2021 - September 17, 2021

Run Time: 60 mins

Venue: St Johns Baptist Church


Philadelphia based stained glass artist Justin Tyner invites the viewer to experience his debut experimental film WE ARE MORE THAN WE KNOW. Using references from nature,mythology and poetry to expand the understanding of stained glass. A poetry performance will preface the screening of the film.  Inspired by the poem ‘the Dancer’ by Hilda Doolittle the Poet known as HD. Tyner presents to the audience his inspirations for the film and a reading of the poem. Through the collisions of ritual masks, stained glass and the search for oneself WE ARE MORE THAN WE KNOW depicts the players, undergoing a psychic change as if in a trance. The paramount role of the masks is to give a sense of continuity between the present and the beginnings of time. The masks where handmaid for this project and serve as important artistic symbols of myth and ceremony in culture. A presentation of stained glass photography will be exhibited followed by a short q&a session for the artist.

Justin Tyner

Philadelphia artist Justin Tyner’s artwork thoughtfully assimilates repurposed glass to explore and manipulate the effects of light. His stained glass creations are made from fallen stained glass from abandoned churches. Pieced together poems, kaleidoscopic patterns, and the timeless influences of myth and nature take form in his glass creations. Tyner’s works pay tribute to the history behind his materials and reminds us that inspiration can come from even the most forgotten places. He learned the ancient craft of stained glass at Beyer Studio in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. He’s been employed there for the past twenty years and has had the chance to work on cathedrals and churches all over the country, taking this art form to new levels. Tyner’s works have appeared in solo and group exhibitions at the Philadelphia International Airport, Philly Magic Gardens The National Liberty Museum The Seaport Museum, The Rincliffe Gallery at Drexel University, The Art In the Embassies Program Riga, Latvia. He was awarded a prestigious artist residence in France at the Chateau Orqueveax.


For the Film:

Filmed on location in Philadelphia near the Thomas Mansion in the famed Wissahickon Park, the film uses local artists as cast and crew.


the Movement:   Audrey Garret and Dawn Ann Perez, Creative, Mask maker: David Di Giacomo, Lead: Stephanie Potter, Original Score: Joseph Hughes, Photographer: Rob Linsalata, Cinematography: Peter Mackey, Writer, Director, Producer, and Stained Glass Visuals: Justin Tyner



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