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Wear Me Into Spring: a performance featuring taiko and dance


Categories: Dance, Film, Music

Dates: September 6, 2021 - September 25, 2021

Run Time: 30 mins,60 mins

Venue: THE INTERNET (Digital Shows), MAAS Building Garden


Wear Me Into Spring is a performance combining duets and ensemble pieces of dance and taiko that follow alongside Remnants, a poem by William Leo Coakley. Each performer brings their own expertise to the show, and these skills overlap and complement one another in each scene.

Wear Me Into Spring is a 30 min production featuring multiple pieces. It was filmed over the course of one afternoon at the MAAS building.

In addition to a video, Wear Me Into Spring will be adapted as a live performance as a part of Cannonball Festival, produced by Almanac Dance Circus Theatre in partnership with the MAAS building. This live show will feature an additional setlist and an expanded ensemble.

An in-depth program can be found at, including a full setlist, cast bios, and more.

Casual Fifth Taiko and Dance

Alex Pfister and Mac Evans are the staple members of the Casual Fifth Dance and Taiko troupe. They have practiced and performed modern dance and taiko drumming together for years across several states, and Casual Fifth is their part-time ensemble performing with friends and mentors.


Main Cast (Video): Taiko/Videography: Mac Evans, Taiko/Dance: Alex Pfister, Choreography/Dance: Jim May, Taiko/Dance: Maddie Hopfield, Dance: Meggi Sweeny Smith, Music: John Heward.  


Auxillary Cast (Live Show): Dance: Margherita Tisato, Taiko: Yue Qiu, Taiko: Nick Loh, Taiko: Yoko Nakahashi, Music: David Yee, Music: Peter Schwab.


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