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West Coast Black Circus

West Coast Black Circus


Categories: Theater, Circus, Cabaret & Nightlife, Comedy & Improv

Dates: September 1, 2023 - September 3, 2023

Run Time: 60 mins

Venue: The Icebox Project Space


We journey into a world of Black futurism. Where love, vengeance, justice, and compassion collide to reveal a life in which technology becomes our sacred adornment. In which we reclaim our freedoms as the people of the Free Universe. Drawing from ancestor wisdom, movement ceremony and the power of names . We use these tools, these inanimate objects to animate. To forge a new consciousness. One in which we are not just stewards of the Earth and the Universe but are partners with it. One ecosystem in the ocean of ecosystems. synapses, wires, adapters, minerals, sensations, all the precious metals come together. The future is Black, the future is brown, and the future is Indigenous. In this world find the fluidity in the body’s ability to bend in order to find new growth. Discover new heights, flying as the birds do. Join the warrior in their trance-like state as they move through barriers both seen and unseen. Hear the song of pure joy and triumph. Join us in the Cobalt Reign

About the Artist

A gender expansive collective of Black circus artists, dancers, poets and activists: West Coast Black Circus was founded to create an environment that fosters liberation within the circus arts. Currently a performing and training collective, we aim to be a hub for all levels of black creativity in the circus arts and are proud to join the network of black circus collectives and performers shifting the tide of our genre.


  • Roux HaileGrant Daddy
  • Zeloszelos MarchandtProduction Daddy
  • Onyx ReignFlow Daddy
  • Oro SantiagoScheduling Daddy
  • Belinda RoseMedia Daddy

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