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When All Else Fails: or, Why Not Choose Me?


Dates: September 21, 2022 - September 23, 2022

Run Time: 55 mins

Venue: MAAS Cottage


Ashley W. is looking for the one and she’s tired of settling – but you sure could! Taking cues from ABC’s “The Bachelor” and other reality dating shows, When All Else Fails is a clownish exploration on love and our human tendency to overromanticize it. Through this semi-immersive piece, audiences will be delighted with Shuron’s signature mix of dance, theatre, film, and puppetry that grips at the heartstrings through its most joyous and darkest moments.

Madeline Shuron

Madeline Shuron studied theatre at Bryn Mawr College and is an MFA candidate in dance at Temple University. As an artist and educator in Philadelphia, she is interested in investigating embodied affect and interrogating the audience-performer relationship through an interdisciplinary approach of dance, theatre, film, puppetry, and clowning. Her work is the feeling of holding three hundred balloons in your fist; each string shifting and caressing across your palm, the frantic feeling of trying to hold them all tightly enough to not slip free. If you are alive right now, you have been practicing self-defense. Spill your guts.


Created and performed by Madeline Shuron.


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