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Betty Jean Nobles Thompson


Categories: Theater, Dance, Music

Dates: September 17, 2023

Run Time: 60 mins

Venue: MAAS Building Garden


This dramatic story takes place in a middle-class Black family Home, in the aftermath of the Pandemic and George Floyd’s murder. The main characters are the spouses, Kadeem, and Malia. They are both hardworking. They have career goals, social and economic goals. They have two adorable grade school daughters. They both love them dearly. Kadeem is a Police Detective. He works the night shift for good reasons. He is hoping for a promotion soon. Malia is a paralegal for a legal team. She is in line for a promotion. Kadeem believes that he is a great husband. He’s the Best Dad, and the hardest working man on the planet. He is a True Alpha Male. Malia, believes that she is a wonderful, loving wife and mother. She also believes that she works harder than any woman she knows. They both discussed the need to save money to buy a home with a decent sized backyard. Kadeem has been doing as much overtime as possible. Malia and Kadeem started their relationship committed to loving and supportive to each other. Even though Malia is working from home, those Zoom Meetings seem to be never-ending. Sometimes the meeting run hours past dinner. They both work some holidays. They are often tired and inattentive. The children are hilariously disruptive. Kadeem has strong beliefs about family. His father has passed away. He believes that his father was the best. His mother helps out when she can. She does not want to be seen as the overbearing, meddlesome mother-in-law. They BOTH feel that they are Doing what’s RIGHT! Will Kadeem and Malia be able to recognize that there is a problem in their relationship, parenting, self-care? Will they be able to save their relationship? Will they figure out what’s important about life?

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About the Artist

I am an Artist; my focus area is writing. I also happen to be a senior, and a retired Phila. Grade Teacher of 34-years. I enjoyed teaching. As a free-lance writer of fiction and non-fiction, I write stories, poetry and stage plays. I do educational presentations. I am the author of, “A Small Candlelight. My pen name is Betty Jean Nobles. I Knew writing was my passion at age of 12. I have produced and performed as a vocalist since age 8. I have written, directed and performed as an actor and vocalist in local events. I have produced, written and directed a couple of short educational films as well as my own stage plays. I was bitten by the acting bug in a theater class at Temple. While attending Temple University, I got divorced. After graduating from Temple, I took a teaching job so I could raise my 3 children. I used my artistic abilities throughout my teaching career. I was an actor in a feature film, “The North Star, written and directed by Thomas L Philips. I love spending time with my amazingly creative grandchildren. I am thankful to my mentors for their guidance.


  • Betty Jean Nobles ThompsonWriter and Director
  • Nakia L Thompsonactor- Mother
  • Naihla Skye ThompsonActor-Oldest Daughter
  • Aminah Simone ThompsonActor- Youngest Daughter
  • Omwa ObaraActor- Grandmother
  • Larry "L" ThompsonActor-Husband

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