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Hazard House

Stephen Doutt

Circus, Visual Art, Immersive/Interactive Experience


"Hazard House" is a site-specific, contemporary circus experience... in an attic.

Inspired by dark rides and Rube Goldberg machines, and absolutely full of chaotic juggling.



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Run Time: 60 mins
Ticket Price: $20
Venue: Circus Campus Dates: September 15, 2023 - September 17, 2023

September 15, 2023 7.40pm

6452 Greene St

General Admission: $20

September 16, 2023 9.00pm

6452 Greene St

General Admission: $20

September 17, 2023 7.00pm

6452 Greene St

General Admission: $20

About the Artist

Stephen Carl Doutt is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but later moved to Philadelphia to pursue juggling in the context of contemporary circus.

Stephen is a member of the inaugural graduating class of Circadium School of Contemporary Circus.

This is Stephen's 2nd time creating a solo juggling show for the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

Inspirations in his art include trees, roller coasters, and kitchen appliances. 


Accessibility & Content Considerations

Contact the Fringe Festival Box Office for up to date accessibility information.

This event is appropriate for ages 21+ Only

Adult Language

Strobe/Flashing Lights

Audience Interaction

Fog/Smoke Effects

Covid-19 Safety policy

This event does not require proof of vaccination to attend or masks to be worn


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