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Deep End Studios
The Deep End is an artist-run space in the Queen Memorial Building. It is quite versatile and is suitable for rehearsals, workshops, gatherings and performances. Generally speaking, we can't host things with amplified music or drumming (once in a while is okay, but not on the regular). The space has a private parking lot and a grassy side yard as well. We have about 1300 sq ft of usable space, 100 folding chairs, some folding tables, and 4 4'x8' platforms that can be used for stage or audience. The space has central heat and AC and ample natural light. The space is not currently wheelchair accessible. There are 9 stairs into the space and another 18 to the bathrooms once inside. We also do not have our own wifi network in the studio.
Note: Please park in the lot behind the building (through the iron fence). There's limited street parking, which we try to keep available for neighbors.
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