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Walk Around Philadelphia – Virtual Info Session


JJ Tiziou/Walk Around Philadelphia

Immersive/Interactive Experience, Storytelling

Digital Fringe

Join us via Zoom to learn about the 100+ miles of adventure that comprise Walk Around Philadelphia as we set out to explore the city’s edge.

  • Get a virtual guided tour of the city’s border
  • Meet the artist/organizer & fellow perimeter walkers
  • Get answers to FAQ & learn about the walk’s evolution
  • Consider joining an upcoming segment!

A true ‘fringe’ experience at the city’s margins, 12th Walk Around Philadelphia will be split into 12 segments over four weekends (Fri/Sat/Sun) Aug 12th – Sept 17th.

A companion exhibition upstairs at Cherry Street Pier runs June 15th through September 23rd.

Register for this virtual event to learn more about the walk and connect to the growing community of perimeter walkers.


Walk Around Philadelphia creates cultural events that bring people together in shared experiences that connect them to their own bodies, their neighbors, and the landscape of Philadelphia.

Through facilitated walks, exhibitions and narrative storytelling, the project uses the structure of exploring the city’s perimeter to engage with themes of borders and boundaries, privilege and access, social and environmental justice, infrastructure and ecosystems, commerce and incarceration, indigenous history and colonization & more.

Facilitated by artist JJ Tiziou, Walk Around Philadelphia is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization.

Tiziou is an artist, block captain, and Licensed Massage Therapist. He has walked the full perimeter of Philadelphia 11 times. His “How Philly Moves” mural at PHL International Airport was named “one of the nations’ best public art projects” by Americans for the Arts. It’s the largest piece of public art in the city, happens to be right on the city’s border, and features photographs created as part of the 2008 Fringe Festival.

In an earlier life, Tiziou was the main photodocumenter of the Festival from 2003 to 2007, and he’d love to walk with you

September 6-20, 1 hr duration, PWYC


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