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Immersive/Interactive Experience, Visual Art, Storytelling

Digital Fringe

Love is omnidirectional. It is the simple tether that crosses credos thru and through into this fine mesh fabric. Pluck a chord and remember we all live to care.

And care you will! When creativeWorks brings you this year’s themed collection of artistic visions themed on love.


Precious little is known about the secretive group creativeWorks.  It’s members and their mission–to create stuff–remain shrouded in riddle soaked, enigmatic mystery wraps (which is also a delicous snack to be found on the creativeWorks food truck menu ).

Will the team @ creativeWorks get their collective clever spritzers together this year and deliver for FringeFest? Will you be enticed by this and other pithy snippets only to be disappointed by a half-done website come September?  Not knowing is part of the fun!

September 17-30, 15 min. duration, Free Admission


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