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10 Recalling-20


Categories: Dance, Workshop

Dates: September 18, 2021

Run Time: 60 mins

Venue: Caplan Studio Theater Black Box, in Terra Hall


Come watch, 10 Recalling-20, a choreographic duet inspired by stories collected from individuals’ experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The COVID-19 virus has caused a worldwide pause, forcing people to sit with the unknown. During this reflection period, the idea arose to create a dance work about how other individuals’ lives have been affected by this virus.

Although COVID-19 is the overarching theme, it’s the stories from the individuals that are the true inspiration for 10 Recalling-20. The interviewees for the project are representatives of various age groups and diverse backgrounds. 

For example, Lennon is a 4 year old girl who takes dance lessons and loves tickling her two brothers. Dillon is a 25 year old pilot who enjoys advocating for LGBTQ+ youth in Columbus, Ohio. Vena is a 30 year old Oklahomina travel nurse who has treated COVID-19 patients in Massachusetts and California. Aaron is a 31 year old black police officer working in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Jilla is a 53 year old Persian woman who is a restaurant owner and chef. Anita was an 85 year old grandmother and book enthusiast originally from Brooklyn, New York.

Come see the dance work combining stories from different human experiences in how people cope during an unprecedented time. The work strives to create real connections in hopes of growing a community of understanding and compassion to build a collective response based on personal reflections. This project aims to serve audience members from all age ranges and populations.

Afterwards, partake in a Q+A discussion about the process of making the work, the stories involved in the creating and share ideas to push the work further. 

Ashlea Sovetts & Alexandria Nunweiler

Ashlea Sovetts is a multifaceted dance artist who flows between a variety of different roles. Primarily, her work centers around choreography, dance education and arts administration. Ashlea works within higher education dance departments and as the Program Manager for the Staibdance company summer dance intensive in Sorrento, Italy.

Alexandria Nunweiler is a contemporary choreographer, performer and educator based in Boston. Her movement, described by Dance Informa as “grace with power,” stems from an authentic place rooted in community, history and daily life. Alexandria primarily works in K-12 dance education and fosters new work with the Alive Dance Collective.

Ashlea and Alexandria met during their undergraduate years at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina. They roomed together abroad in Sorrento, Italy and now they roll around on stage for money.


Choreography and Performance by: Ashlea Sovetts and Alexandria Nunweiler 

Music Composition by: Brittany Padilla 


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