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Best-Laid Plans

See/Hear Now Pop-Up Enterprises Worldwide


Categories: Visual Art

Dates: September 9, 2023 - September 10, 2023

Run Time: 360 mins

Venue: See/Here Now Pop-Up Gallery


“Best-Laid Plans” defies convention by exploring artistic experimentation and vulnerability. This showcase grants intimate access to artists’ personal journeys, exposing triumphs and tribulations by showing how the sausage is made.

Christine Walinski’s small works embrace unintentional outcomes, finding humor in mismatched colors, shapes, and lines reminiscent of her younger self.

Sabrina Small presents a collection of abandoned drawings that hold elements of potential, preserved in the hope of future revival. With a touch of mystification, Sabrina contemplates their dormant existence in the flat files and dusty corners of her studio.

Christopher Moss transforms proposal-making into comically absurd artwork, challenging artistic expectations and encouraging creativity beyond conformity.

Ronna Lebo shares unfinished print and papermaking projects titled “Bird Bombs” and concepts for unrealized paintings, inviting contemplation of untapped potential.

Patty Hudak’s inspired drawings based on Japanese woodblock printing reveal the challenges that surpassed her skill and challenged her tenacity.

Robert Fanelli presents flightless birds in the form of music scores and performance art diagrams, capturing the essence of unrealized dreams.

Shannon Cronin introduces unlaunched or stalled projects, including underdrawings inspired by her father’s wire sculpture, barnacle silkscreen proofs, and sketchbook pages brainstorming “Family Together Time.”

Derek Ayres’ eclectic offering includes an incomplete sculpture entangled in overwork and fatigue, an offensive drawing he regretted for years, and other oddities that embrace the uncertainties of the artistic process.

By embracing imperfection and unveiling artistic churning, “Best-Laid Plans” celebrates raw, impractical, and stalled creations, hopefully giving viewers a glimpse behind the creative curtain.

About the Artist

See/Hear Now Pop-Up Enterprises Worldwide is the working title for the curatorial efforts of artists Derek Ayres and Shannon Cronin. See/Hear Now has won two back-to-back Philadelphia Fringie Awards for Visual Arts for their exhibitions "Plein Air Guitar" in 2021 and "Forever Never Lasts" in 2022. For the 2023 Philadelphia Fringe Festival, See/Hear Now is pleased to be back to offer a new group show, "Best-Laid Plans".

Best-Laid Plans Exhibition Artists:

Christine Walinski, a painter, mixed media artist, and art educator, lives in Philadelphia. & IG @christinewalinski

Sabrina Small, a visual artist working primarily in drawing and stitching, lives in Philadelphia. & IG @sabrinalaurensmall

Christopher Moss, a visual artist, lives in Savannah, GA. & IG @mrhopthescissor

Ronna Lebo, a painter, poet, and publisher, lives in both New Jersey and Indiana. & IG @ronnalebo

Patty Hudak, a visual artist working in ink painting, woodblock printing, & installation, lives in Vermont. & IG @hudakpatty

Robert Fanelli, a songwriter, composer, and playwright, lives in Philadelphia. & IG @split_aura

Shannon Cronin, a painter of representational works in watercolor with forays into fiber arts, lives in East Falls Philadelphia. & IG @shannon_cronin_art

Derek Ayres, a sculptor, painter, and musician, lives in Philadelphia. & IG @derek_ayres_art


  • Christine Walinski
  • Sabrina Small
  • Christopher Moss
  • Patty Hudak
  • Robert Fanelli
  • Shannon Cronin
  • Derek Ayres
  • Ronna Lebo

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