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Categories: Music

Dates: October 1, 2022

Run Time: 90 mins

Venue: Century Phila


b.p.m. is an acoustic and electronic imrpovisatory trio comprising artists Barry Sharp (b), Miles Jefferson Friday (m), and Piyawat Louilarpprasert (p). Using an array of instruments such as trombone, voice, speaker cones and feedback loops, the three composers add a different flavor to a sonic landscape that can evolve from gentle fabrics of sound to cathartic explosions of noise. Joining them are musicians Carlos Cotallo Solares (guitar and electronics) and Will Yager (double bass) who explore the sonic limits of their instruments within a duo, influenced by their joint experience in contemporary music, jazz, metal, and noise. Join us for an evening of exciting and wild music that will surely tickle the ear.

bpm & Cotallo Solares/Yager

Barry Sharp is a Philadelphia-based composer and musician with an interest in natural and mechanical ambiences in urban environments. He is a founding member of the Song Sessions Collective, a group of four improvisors who perform an ever-changing work based on the structure of whale songs. The collective won a grant from New Music USA in 2019 and a residency at MISE-EN_Place, Bushwick in 2018. Barry also performs with composer Sergio Cote in the experimental duo etc, [ee-tee-see]. Their sound-based-experimental-performance-art involves creating pieces through a rebellious and democratic approach to sound. His accolades include a New Music USA Project Grant, Cornell Council for the Arts Biennial Grant, ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composers Award, The American Prize, Cornell Council for the Arts, New Music on the Point, Henry and Parker Pelzer Award in Composition, and the Barbara Cochran Breazeale Fellowship. Barry has been performed by ensembles including JACK Quartet, International Contemporary Ensemble, TAK Ensemble, Amalgama, Bienen Early/Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, [Switch~ Ensemble], sTem, The Princeton Singers, OSSIA Ensemble, Un/Pitched, Ithaca New Music Collective, Cornell Orchestras, Cornell Wind Symphony, and Cornell Chamber Singers. He earned his D.M.A. in composition from Cornell University where he studied with Kevin Ernste, Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri, and Roberto Sierra.


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