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My Mother Once Read


Categories: Theater, Immersive/Interactive Experience, Art for Young Audiences (Kids Fringe), Family

Dates: September 23, 2023 - September 24, 2023

Run Time: 60 mins

Venue: Liberty Lands, Play Arts Pop Up at the Piazza


Grab the kids and get in, we’re going into town!

Come visit Bugboro, the buzziest, busiest bug colony this side of the Schuylkill, and meet the big personalities of our tiny community. We’re a small, simple settlement built by the bugs who live here, from Momma Mary Spider and her home-grown hand-picked market, to Gillian Grasshopper’s library shack of stories, to Stinky Stinkbug’s Tiny Trash Truck, to a slew of other approachable arthropods and their children of baby bees, moths, and flies, all waiting to welcome your family into their community. Stories will surround the time when a child really begins to understand their community, and how they can fit into it, showing how each person’s differences is what makes them strong. Leading with ideals of empathy, unity, and compassion, the stories and locations will invite each individual child to become a unique member of the community themselves.

Bugboro is an immersive off the rails experience that will give children the power to walk through the town as they see fit. There are 5 unique locations in town they can visit, with each having their own sensory activity and stories the kids can choose to consume at their own pace, or choose to ignore completely. Our town is all about individuality and independence, so we encourage each child to make the experience unique to them. Whether you want to hear a story or make a mess, our quirky cast of critters is ready to create a town of love and fun for the whole family.

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About the Artist

My Mother Once Read is a traveling children's theatre company providing theatical expericences to bring you closer to the little ones in your life. Through this connection and focusing on accessibility, we aim to create experiences for families of all kinds. 


  • Ava KeppleDirector and Producer
  • Rose FarrellPlaywright and Producer

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