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Happy Hour


Categories: Circus, Theater, Immersive

Dates: September 12, 2021 - September 30, 2021

Run Time: 60 mins

Venue: MAAS Building Studio, MAAS Building Garden


Come as you are. Drink it in. Dance. Happy Hour is an improvised, immersive performance piece from Almanac Dance Circus Theatre. Sensing, feeling, listening, queering, climbing, balancing, and weaving, an ensemble of acrobats, dancers, and fools combine childlike curiosity, playfulness and wonder to challenge an adult world too full of unspoken rules and stubborn habits.

This is our hour to be happy — whatever that means. Or at least try. Can we do it? What will happen if we fail? In a future where the only certainty is uncertainty, Almanac converts its improvisational creation process process — honed through past perforamnces such as Exile 2588, Leaps of Faith and Communitas, 5 Years Later — into a shifting ephemeral performance that melds itself to every space and circumstance. Featuring both Almanac veterans and newcomers, Happy Hour blends the edges of circus, dance, and physical theatre, creating authentic emotions and absurdity in equal measure.  

Happy Hour is presented as part of Cannonball Festival, a satelite festival produced by Almanac Dance Circus Theatre and the Maas Building featuring over 150 events and performances of 24 original shows across 2 performance spaces and 21 days. Learn more at

Almanac Dance Circus Theatre

Almanac Dance Circus Theatre is an award winning, Philadelphia-based company dedicated to creating original works of genre-defying art. Since its founding, Almanac has premiered 11 shows, and toured nationally across eleven states and internationally in Mexico and Edinburgh. Through hybrid experimentation, deep narratives, and open environments of circus learning, Almanac gives audiences access to a little bit (or a lot of) everything so they can experience the vicarious thrill of performance without barriers. Learn more about Almanac at


Featuring Nathan Alford-Tate, Amalia Colon-Nava, Ben Grinberg, Lauren Johns, Gabrielle Revlock, Mae West, and more, with live original music. Production coordinated by Kate Hanley


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