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Incredible Dreamz Presents: Friendship Movie Club II


Categories: Comedy & Improv, Film, Party

Dates: September 17, 2021 - October 3, 2021

Run Time: 60 mins

Venue: THE INTERNET (Digital Shows)


Incredible Dreamz Presents: Friendship Movie Club 6 is a site-specific performance piece that revives the intimacy of the VHS movie experience. The cast will share their rented movies (written, directed, and starring the cast of Incredible Dreamz) with new friends in the comfort of their homes. This show is the second iteration of Friendship Movie Club and the cast will be showing a series of films they created throughout the recent diet Armegeddon. Imagine 4 adult heart-throbs galloping through the suburbs, creating based and suss short films in the middle of the night. The end result is the visual matter you’d love to see on major network stations. To learn more about Incredible Dreamz and see pictures of them in their 20s and 30s check out their page here.  

Incredible Dreamz

Incredible Dreamz is a performance art quadruple featuring Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Rose Luardo, Matthew Schmid & Jacquie Baker. After years of working in the Philadelphia music, art, and comedy scenes, these four artists merged to create a surreal, experimental comedy group. Their 2016 Fringe Festival show, which parodied self-serious performance art, was hailed as DC Metro Theater Arts as “an absurd offering of silly, surreal, funny shtick with a side of bologna roll.” Their 2017 Fringe Festival offering, 2 INCREDIBLE 2 DREAMZ, was a high-concept Escape Room that allowed the audience to destroy all the art in the room and answered the question “What is the true meaning of art?” (Answer: Friendship). Incredible Dreamz was a part of the 2020 Toronto Sketch Fest. They are currently working on a site specific piece in front of the Honeygrow in Cherry Hill, NJ.


Jacquie Baker, Actor, Writer, Dancer: Rose Luardo, Actor, Writer, Stage Manager: Matt Schmid, Actor, Writer, Director: Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Actor, Writer, Director: Sonimarie Rodriguez, Prop Master: Several other people, Camera, Editor, Lighting, Sound, Set Design


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