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Poison Garden


Categories: Circus, Immersive, Storytelling

Dates: September 12, 2022 - September 21, 2022

Run Time: 90 mins

Venue: Glen Foerd


Tonight is the 100th anniversary of the date five members of the Alden Household went missing – the two adult children, and three members of their staff. Quinn, a descendent of the gardener, has gathered everyone here to help him awaken the memories of the house to discover what happened. Come discover what really happened to them that night, the dark relationships tying the five of them together, and what mysterious role the house and garden have to play. This show features a mix of traditional storytelling, circus, dance, and devised work.

Guests are invited to explore Glen Foerd, a stunning mansion on the Delware River, during this 70-minute immersive performance devised by Alterra Productions. This performance encourages audiences to not only explore the house, but to choose whose story they’d like to follow – each person has a different tale to tell. 

Beverages are available for purchase on-site, and there is always un-activated space for guests to fully relax if they’d like to step back from the action.

Alterra Productions

Alterra Productions is a small woman owned and operated indie production company based out of Philadelphia, PA - they curate and perform work nationally, internationally, and digitally. In July of 2016, Alterra Productions (formerly known as Cirque du Nuit) was born out of an experimental collaboration with the event production company You Are So Lucky. Theatre director, actor and circus performer Kaitlin Chin gathered a group of performers with various backgrounds in theatre, circus and dance to bring life to their event “Night of Fire”--held on a Manhattan pier. The troupe showcased their various barrier-breaking entertainment skills to engage with event guests and provide spectacle on both a grandiose and intimate level. As the company has grown over the years, Alterra has independently created and curated performances for corporate events, private parties, theatrical shows, weddings, art festivals and more. Their client list includes SeriesFest, Freeman, Hexagram, Almanac Dance Circus Theatre and many more. Equipped with a large roster of talented performers and creatives (over 90) and a skilled directorial & management team, Alterra’s productions can range from immersive interactive digital landscapes to high spectacle in person performances.



Director: Kaitlin Chin; Stage Manager: Lucy Cosgrove, Props Designer: Jasmine Glover, Original Devising Cast and Playwrights: Kaitlin Chin, Lucy Cosgrove, Lisa VillaMil, Will Raynor, Rafael Sanchez, Savannah Shearouse

CAST (in order of appearance)

Quinn/The Gardener: Will Raynor, The Cook: J.Bean Schwab, The Maid: Savannah Shearouse, The Sister: Kaitlin Chin, The Brother: Rafael Sanchez


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