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Something about The Dark

Micah Lat


Categories: Comedy & Improv, Dance, Storytelling

Dates: September 10, 2023 - September 29, 2023

Run Time: 60 mins

Venue: Fidget Space


Que a chopped n screwed slow jam and dim the lights. Now let them flicker. Now close your eyes. Open them and blink slowly. At me. Feel the swish of my hips across the room from you and listen to the sound of the love song that plays in the back. Wait? Is it heartbreak? You listen up. Sweat drips. Heads in the room bounce slowly and then drop down. Turn quick! There are pink and blue spot lights. One appears after the other. There is a relay race. Some good banter. A metal show. A funeral. A wedding. And finally I am the bride instead of the clown. Music plays all of which has been written especially and specifically for you. A scroll is thrown across the room and I dance on top of it. Poems that I have written for you. I roll in them and the scroll rips. We will write another script. Again and again. Turn quick! Again. I have two hands. Wooden floors. A beating heart. Red nail polish. Orange hair. Blonde eyebrows and no time to beat. So we take our time. The beat keeps playing. And we sway gently and slowly.

SOMETHING ABOUT THE DARK is a poem-like-dance approaching love and heartbreak from my black transmasc perspective.You can expect song and dance that will spiral into my special interest around desire and dark-gooey matters. I’ll look back slowly with curiosity for those who’ve taught me about caretaking and erotics. There will be something about nostalgia and the thread of similarity I feel in the warmth that comes up when I am in the dark. The dark feels like cemeteries, halloween, funerals, sex, birthdays. Something about mortality and scorpios. Something about being in between silliness and gloom. SOMETHING ABOUT THE DARK is something about trying out the pain and the pleasure that comes up as it may and as it will.

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About the Artist

Micah Lat (he/they) is a Lenapehoking/West Philadelphia based choreographer, composer, and performance artist. They use sound, film, and dance to explore berserk playfulness and time travel. His work centers on sharing-as-caring as philosophy and asks where are we right now and where can we go? He believes in an art making approach that is whimsical, seductive, and poetic.


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