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The Torch Runners

Alonzo Magsino


Categories: Theater, Dance

Dates: September 8, 2023 - September 20, 2023

Run Time: 45 mins

Venue: Fidget Space


The Torch Runners is a Dance Theatre piece that explores embodied ideas of personal legacy. Dancers express their history and hopes for the future through movement, spoken word and shenanigans. As my first piece coming out of bachelors I wanted to explore the questions us newly graduates find ourselves in. In particular when it comes to personal legacy what mark do we want to leave on the world? Are we chossing a path of our own? How about being the succesor of a family legacy? Who are we to carry a torch? Why? For whom? Together dancers take the space to embody their personal legacies, their torches, and show them to the world.

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About the Artist

Alonzo Magsino is a New Jersey based dancer creator having training rooted in ballroom dancing and later on street styles and contemporary dance. Outside of dance his other interests include lighting design, cinematography, photography, special effects, Djs and beatboxing. His aim is to combine movment aesthetics from ballroom, synchronized street style groups and contemporary into dance theatre, as well as combining technical theatrical elements, to convey unique moments.


  • Hassan Syeddancer/collaborator
  • Tyler Riveradancer/collaborator
  • Quincy Southerlanddancer/collaborator

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