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One-Shot Productions

Theater, Comedy & Improv


Two women meet, talk over drinks and it turns out they’re the same person. A riddle? Yes.

You’re more likely to win the lottery than come face to face with your double. So, if you wonder on which side of the table you sit, consider carefully: Is that your doppelgänger? Or are your sides in conflict, and is that some slice of yourself you hoped would stay away?

Are you about to be further severed, sectioned and separated or joined in bliss or maybe hell? What’s to be gained if you could know yourself? On the other side of your dreams and musings, is there more and is there someone else?

Q: Are you wondering whether you’ll laugh or cry?

A: This play is no joke, but you’ll laugh out loud. And it will touch you.

Run Time: 70 mins
Ticket Price: $20
Venue: Theater Exile

Dates: September 7, 2023 - September 10, 2023

September 7, 2023 7.00pm

1340 S 13th St

General Admission: $20

September 10, 2023 2.00pm

1340 S 13th St

General Admission: $20

September 10, 2023 7.00pm

1340 S 13th St

General Admission: $20

About the Artist

1Shot Productions represents Playwright, Reuben Wade and contributing artists. You may recall our co-production with Philly Free Library Rare Books Dept., a reading of "Paint the American Eagle"  in 2012 Philly Fringe. 

  • J Paul NicholasDirector
  • Keith ConallenCast
  • Robert DaPonteCast
  • Niya EbonCast
  • Heather Michele LawlerCast

Accessibility & Content Considerations

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This event is appropriate for ages 18+

Adult Language

Covid-19 Safety policy

This event does not require proof of vaccination to attend or masks to be worn


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